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The_Choice 2016-02-05
The_Choice 2016
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The_Choice update 2016-02-05
The Choice may refer to :

The Choice (short fiction), a 1952 short science fiction story by Wayland Young, 2nd Baron Kennet
The Choice (novel), a novel by Nicholas Sparks
The Choice (1986 book), a novel by Og Mandino
The Choice (nonfiction book), a non-fiction book about Bill Clinton's 1996 presidential campaign by Bob Woodward
The Choice, a fiction book by Susan Lewis
The Choice (book), a book by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Efrat Goldratt-Ashlag
The Choice (pseudoscience), a book by Mike Bara
The Choice (booklet), a book by Muslim preacher Ahmed Deedat

The Choice (TV series), a 2012 dating game show on Fox
The Choice (play), a 1764 play by Arthur Murphy
The Choice, film, 1975 by Jacques Faber starring Claude Jade in a dual role
The Choice (2015 film), an Italian film directed by Michele Placido
The Choice (2016 film), an upcoming film adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel
The Choice (Dynasty), an episode of Dynasty
The Choice (Farscape episode), an episode of Farscape

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