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Malavita 2016-02-01
Malavita 2016
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Malavita update 2016-02-01
La malavita (pronounced [malaˈviːta]; literally, the bad life or evil life) is an Italian language word with multiple meanings in Italian. It is most commonly used to referred to the criminal underworld or "gangland", gang life, the world of racketeering, and organized crime in general, but especially organized crime in Italy. More specifically, malavita is also used to refer to a culture of crime historically found in certain regions of Southern Italy and often viewed as the result of centuries of government oppression and foreign occupation. Within this culture, mafiosi, outlaws, criminals and, historically, brigands are supported or tolerated by local communities and citizens under the code of omertà. Within these communities, criminals or mafiosi may be glorified as folk heroes or Robin Hood-like figures.
Malavita may also refer to:
Malavita (1951 film), an Italian film.

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