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CTE 2016-02-05
CTE 2016
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CTE update 2016-02-05
CTE may refer to:
Career and technical education, otherwise known as vocational education
Central Expressway (disambiguation), the name of various controlled-access highways
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurological disorder observed in professional athletes with repeat brain trauma
Coefficient of thermal expansion, a measure of the change in size of an object as its temperature changes
Common table expression, a temporary named result set derived from a simple query in SQL
Compañía Transatlántica Española, a shipping line (also known as the "Spanish Line")
Conditional tail expectation, a valuation of risk management and insurance liability
Confederación de Trabajadores del Ecuador, a trade union centre in Ecuador
CTE, the ICAO airline designator for Air Tenglong, China
CTE Racing-HVM, former name of an auto racing team Racing-HVM

Location identifiers
CTE3, Havre Saint-Pierre Water Aerodrome Transport in Quebec
CTE5, Lac à la Perchaude Airport Transport in Quebec


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